Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do I treat a possible fungus (white spots) on my arms and legs?

They are flesh with the skin, not raised, not dry or flaky. The spots are approximately the size of a kernal of corn. Sometimes itchy.How do I treat a possible fungus (white spots) on my arms and legs?
The fungus is likely candida albicans (yeast). There is some basic info about it on, which is good to know because it can develop into a systemic condition (ask me about mine).

My white spots are not itchy, and I am assuming they are depigmentation (vitiligo). I am on a candida cleanse regimen of diet and herbal supplements and vitamins. I am also diabetic. I understand that candida grows better in bodies that have some sort of imbalance (endocrine, immune, etc.)How do I treat a possible fungus (white spots) on my arms and legs?
You see i have the same thing But all my doc said it was a fungal infections.

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If not raised spots, it's called, ';Vitiligo.'; It is a skin condition and there are theories of how people get it. It could be an oveactive thyroid, known for onset of stress and hereditary. It is a common skin disorder known as Leukoderma in which symnatrical white or pale macules appear on the skin. I have it too and so did my 2 younger brothers.

Just look up Vitiligo and it will tell you what meds are available/treatments.
There is a fungus that causes white spots on the skin. It is harmfless except for the not so nice looking white spots. It can be treated with certain chemicals such as miconazole and clotrimazole. Their application can remove the fungus in a couple of weeks but the discolouration can take a few months to go away. Also a single dose of ketoconazole can cure it but same the white spots will remain for some months. This fungus usually affects the back, neck and chest, and in some people the arms.
My husband and his sister and our daughter has them on their arms and legs. They are called seed warts. They are nothing to worry about unless they become raised. Then they are skin cancer. My husband can scrape his off after a shower. He has had the raised ones removed because the just get bigger and become painful. They were squamous cell carcinoma when they got big. It is a type of skin cancer that if left untreated can get into your blood stream and attack your other organs. The Dermatologist uses nitrogen to burn them off until they get bad enough to cut them out. If caught early then they don't have to be burned off. It is from too many hours working in the sun over 20 years. But the seed warts he was born with. See a dermatologist or your family physician or the health dept.
Sounds like Tinea Versicolor. Easy to get rid of but the white patches may look white until your tan fades. Some easy over the counter remedies are using selsun blue shampoo on the areas, lather up and leave it on for 5 minutes every time you shower. The fastest way to treat the areas is with a prescription fungus cream, it is usually applied 2 times daily for 6 to 8 weeks and then the scaling on the areas should be gone. Dermatology is a visual field so make sure you see a doctor who can diagnose you correctly, white spots can be a bunch of different things so just remember that nobody can diagnose you without looking at the spots.
I have the same thing and I can't seem to get rid of it. Let's hope we get an answer for this problem. And yes, it is fungus, I had it biopsied and that is what they said. Plantar Lichen, that is what I think they said it was. Good luck!

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