Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do you treat fungus on feet?

My husband's feet are flaky and itchy, wondering what is the best thing to use?How do you treat fungus on feet?
Best is you see a Doctor first before starting treatments

unless you already know through medical test that it is Fungus also called Athele'sFood.

There are four different kinds, but Food Fungus is the more common one. Fungus grows best where it is warm,Bathrooms,Swimming pools

Usually the Doctor prescribes a Anti fungal topical Ointment to put direct on the affected Foot.

In severe cases you might have to take oral medication to treat from the Inside out.

Best Prevention is not to go barefooted in Pool areas and Bathrooms,wear Pool sandals, launder your socks regularly,best is socks made from natural material like cotton,keep your shoes dry and clean.

Good Luck


from SeattleHow do you treat fungus on feet?
To rid yourself of a foot fungus problem you need to treat it on a daily basis, until the infected area clears up. Treatment for foot fungi is usually an over-the-counter medicated cream that you can purchase at your local pharmacy. This cream works by making newly grown skin cells resistant to the fungus. Treatment is applied every day to ensure the new cells remain resistant, while the foot fungus infected cells are eventually grown out and shed from the skin.
Tinactin works the best for my husband. The generics just don't work as good.
toe fungus cream
ask your doctor for a prescription to treat it and get blood tests.

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